Oleg Soldatov, an Esthetic surgeon, has more than 12 years of highly specialized practice in the field of ligature (thread) facelifting. He is an expert in the application of fixation systems in sutureless rejuvenating face, neck, body, decollete area corrections. He has a wealth of experience in using and combining all existing types of esthetic threads and plates: Aptos, Silhouette Lift, biothreads, Endotine etc.

He is experienced in the method of 3D face modeling. He has a considerable practical experience in the field of the facial skin anti-aging with the use of various techniques.

Dr. Soldatov has more than 40 professional diplomas and certificates. He is the author of a number of scientific articles devoted to an effective combination of cosmetic non-surgical techniques and esthetic surgical corrections to achieve the most natural and long-term rejuvenation.

Dr. Soldatov is a regular participant of international forums on plastic surgery, where he presents reports on how timely and minimally invasive corrections can delay for a long time or prevent the need for tissue volumization.